Myofascial trigger points, also known as trigger points are areas within the fascia where there is a concentration of nerve endings. When the fascia becomes irritated from being tight due to muscle weakness or overuse or overstretched commonly seen in poor sitting postures, these trigger points become active and start to cause pain. The pain can be localised to the trigger point but more commonly the pain radiates in a certain pattern, depending on the trigger point, to different parts of the body. the type of trigger point can normally be identified by pattern of radiating pain.

When gentle press rue is applied to an active trigger point, often the radiating pain can be produced. One of the treatments for these areas is called trigger point release where graduated pressure is applied to the point and the pain starts to subside. It is also important that the cause of the activated trigger point is found so that it is prevented from reoccurring i.e. analysis of work posture or perhaps a golf swing technique to identify overactive or under active muscles or incorrect equipment or technique etc. Your physiotherapist will assess the cause and apply appropriate treatment including stretches, heat, massage, trigger point release and taping.


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