This is specific electrical stimulation given to a muscle to prepare it for the next contraction, which is normally provided by its corresponding nerve which improves the blood supply and hence promotes nutrition and prevents or reverses the changes of muscle atrophy (shrinkage of the muscle due to disuse).

When the nerve to a muscle is damaged ie Bell’s Palsy, then the stimulator replaces the function of the nerve on the muscle, while the nerve is repairing. This can help reduce the severity of the facial asymmetry experienced for example in Bell’s palsy, while the nerve is repairing which takes 1mm per day. Therefore it is a long process and results appear slowly.

Bell’s Palsy Picture

Facial Paralysis 1











Before Recovery                                 After Recovery

The machine has three different frequencies, which are specific for the desired effect on the muscle. These settings are carefully chosen by the professional, to produce the appropriate effect on the target muscle.

The machine is portable and about the size of a large mans wallet, making it easy to use. This is important because a patient must use the machine on a daily basis at home together with specific facial exercises ,which comprises their facial rehabilitation programme.

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