Do You Have Golfer’s Elbow?


  • Pain over the inside of your elbow
  • Made worse with gripping ie: raquet sports, holding a pen, opening a door
  • Tender to touch the painful area



  • Adopting a new technique ie; golf, tennis
  • Sudden onset of pain after lifting something heavy and awkwardly
  • Repetitive strain ie; using computer mouse for long hours, not resting enough in between racquet sports matches or training
  • Poor tennis racquet grip size



The forearm muscles that are responsible for creating a grip, situated on the top side of the forearm attach via a tendon to a small boney area on the outside of the elbow.  The pressure created at this site when the forearm muscles are overused is significant and creates micro-trauma to the tendon and resultant inflammation and pain

Tennis elbow can take more than a year to get better and therefore people are encouraged to have it treated and the cause addressed as soon as they notice any mild symptoms.


  1. Stop the aggravating activity ie: tennis until it is pain free to grip
  2. Stretch the forearm
  3. Assess the cause of the problem
  4. Seek Physiotherapy advice and treatment as soon as possible

For any more information, assessment and treatment please contact PHYSIO4U on tel: 0725010511

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